Hello girls!

Something exciting for all of you once again! I'll be embarking on a 6 months journey with BioSkin

Truth to be told, I was VERY skeptical at first. After my terrible breakout last year, I'm extremely wary of new treatments and using different products that I'm not familiar with on my face. Took me awhile to make this decision but I'm glad I did because.... look at ma face now!!

You can read more on BioSkin's P2X Acne Skin treatment about it here! This was the treatment I did with them!

I've never felt so comfortable with my bare skin before and I've been going to work like this for the past 1 month and I AM LOVING IT!! I keep getting praises for my brighter and clearer complexion now too! Makes me soooo happy! A flawless complexion also means a better canvas for putting on make up. No more bumpy acne scars!! 

Will talk more about my treatment with BioSkin in my next few post! 

Today... I'm introducing the Kogen Herb Tea!

Made from 54 types organic vegetables, fruits, weeds and yeast, Kogen Herb Tea is a fermented herbal tea enzyme powder that helps in detoxification, stomach gas reduction and constipation, achieving fast and effective slimming results.


  • Inner Cell Purification
  • Better Complexion
  • Anti-aging
  • Improve Overall Digestive System
  • Total Slimming

Been drinking it every night before I sleep for 5 days now... Not sure how different I feel? Probably the placebo effect BUT I'm definitely eating lesser for the past week? Just don't get hungry as often anymore! 

The tea is really quite tasteless with a slightttt tinge of herbal-ish taste! But strangely... I like it! Taste kinda like Japanese Green Tea to me! 

Benefits of Enzyme for slimming

Digestive enzymes, when taken with or without meals, may boost your weight loss efforts by improving digestion and immune function, decreasing inflammation and speeding up recovery and repair.

Enzymes occur naturally in raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and other foods. Supplementing with additional digestive enzymes may help to replace what you lose with age. Better digestion leads to faster weight loss, In addition, enzymes may reduce gastrointestinal discomforts like gas, bloating or nausea following meals. Despite the fact that whole foods naturally contain enzymes, many people do not get enough because cooking foods destroys most of the living enzyme content. Even individuals who eat a diet high in raw, fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts may benefit from enzyme supplementation. The aging body makes fewer of these crucial proteins, derailing healthy digestion and impacting your weight loss efforts.

Our skin will naturally benefit from consuming Kogen Detox Tea. If you're working toward more radiant and glowing skin, you might be surprised to know that the answer lies more in your digestive tract rather than on how much you're spending on creams and cleansers. If we look a bit closer at how our digestive system works, it begins to make a lot of sense. Among other functions, our digestive system is the main place where we absorb beauty nutrients from our foods, as well as the main place where we dispel toxins through elimination. If the digestive system isn't working optimally, breakouts, eczema, redness and dull skin can ensue. 

Let us all work towards a healthier and more radiant skin that comes from within and not solely from cosmetics! 

Thank you Matilda and Bioskin!!! 

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