Back with a post for my favourite DR SM YUEN - Atlas Medical Laser and Aesthetics Clinic

I don't mean to praise them over and over again all the time but I truly love Atlas with all my heart! They are literally my fairy godmother. Fulfilling all my wishes! Helping me with my acne problems a year ago, botox and laser! 

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This time around, I did FILLERS!!! I've always wanted to try them out just because... I'm vain. LOL. Just wanted to see how I would look like with a sharper nose bridge laaaaa! Hehe. And boy am I sooooo glad with my "new" nose! 

Here's how my nose look before! There's this weird dent......... Hmmmm..... LOL.

 With numbing cream on! Haha.

And this is how it looks after! 

I really love it!!! I mean I don't hate any of my features but I've just always wondered how I would look if my nose bridge was sharper! My features are quite flat and 2 dimensional and now my side profile just looks so much nicer! At least I think so la.... Haha. Actually, everyone loves my "new nose" Even my dad said I look much better! -.- 

I guess I kinda look the same from the front and that's awesome! Don't really want myself to look extremely different! 

This was me RIGHT after the fillers....

It seems a little too much but don't worry because it takes about 1 week or so to really see the "final" results. 

Fillers can last up to a year depending on individuals and how your body reacts to it. Pain wise.... I would say it is pretty bearable considering my threshold for pain is SUPER low. I was whimpering a little but still bearable la...... I would maybe rate it like a 5/10. My menses cramps are like a 9/10 for me..... Hahahahaha.

Also, don't worry if you don't really like how it looks because you can remove the fillers anytime and it is "mouldable" LOL. Is there even such a word.....?? But ya, Dr Yuen will make sure the end results is perfect! 

Here's me on Friday for ShopEverydayPeople's photoshoot!

I'd rate my nose a 10/10 if I may say so myself... LOL.

SO YAY!!! Just in time to look good for Chinese New Year!

Do book an appointment with them now as they are having some promotions for Botox and Fillers!

Mention 'Ding Xuan' for special rates okay! 

Please call them at (65) 6555 0829 for more enquiries!

Atlas Medical Laser and Aesthetics

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