Barely Naked Skins

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the long hiatus! 

Back with aspnaking new advert for Barely Naked - Your leading vendor of design foils for your electronic devices!! 

Like everyone else, I spent most of my time awake using my phone and my laptop and it is so good to see them both so nicely dressed up! Makes me feel so happy using them!

The whole process of ordering and sticking the foils on are really easy and fuss free too! I'm a relatively "chor lor" (rough) girl and I'm very bad with these kinda things. Took me about 3 tries peeling them off and sticking them back again but because the quality of the foils are sooooo good, there were no traces of errors at all!

Not to mention about their impeccable service! It was such a pleasure working with them!

Simply choose the model of your phone / tablets / laptop / nails

Upload your desired image....

CART OUT AND YOU'RE DONE!!! It took less than 3 days to reach me! *thumbs up*

My readers can quote BNDX10 for a 10% discount off all orders! 

Enjoy your customised devices from Barely Naked like I did! 



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