Hello everyone! 

Remember this post I did for KISS SKINCARE here?!

Guess what? 

K.I.S.S Skincare Thailand would be having its trademark change of K.I.S.S Skincare to Malissa K.I.S.S in order to enable the intellectual right protection in South East Asia region.

 www.KissSG.com will be following the company policy in which will be effective immediately.

The current Whitening Cream Mask will also be replaced with the new White Me Up Sleeping Pack product which will be improved on the higher frequency of use and skin balancing system.

I'm personally a HUGE fan of KISS SKINCARE and I've been using it once a week for about 4 months now.....

Prior to this blog post, I've already been trying out the new Malissa KISS white me up sleeping pack... call me crazy but every time I wake up in the morning after applying it the night before, I find that my pores are less visible. I usually apply it the night before I have a photoshoot so my make up has a more "flawless" finish.

I also love how the ingredients used in Malissa KISS is au naturel.

My skin has definitely improved and it's all because I have been going for regular facials (we'll save that for another day!) and because of all these awesome products I've been using. 

Ever since the major breakout on my face earlier this year, I've been extremely selective on the products I put on my face. Malissa KISS is definitely one that I strongly recommend!!

** I only apply it about once a week or if I have any important event the next day because the cream itself slightly on the oily side and I feel that applying once a week is more than sufficient! **

Now my readers can quote "TwiggzKISS" during checkout for a $5 discount in a single receipt! 

Good luck on your journey to a more beautiful skin and flawless complexion!