Its beeeeeeennnnnn aaaaa longgggg timeeeee!

Today I'm back with a post for Browtisan! I've been looking around for the perfect brow embroidery salon and I couldn't be happier when Coco, the founder of Browtisan contacted me! 

To be honest, I feel that the most crucial part of every girl's make up routine is the brows, other than having a flawless complexion (which I'm still working on myself) of course! I could never ever leave my house without drawing my brows. I really feel that having a perfect set of brows makes or break how you look on that particular day! 

I've had eyebrow embroidery done before but it's all faded now because I haven't been going for my touch ups which I'm guilty of! So like I said, most of it are gone by now and I'm back to drawing them myself, which is seriously a pain in my ass. I could never ever master the skill of drawing them perfectly everyday! Like hair, there are the good and bad days. Sometimes I draw it so nicely, sometimes I screw them all up. 

Sigh.... wish I was born with perfect brows!!

It's all good now cause Browtisan made life so much easier for me!

Arrived at Browtisan and feeling extremely excited~~!! My brows was drawn on pretty well that day if I may say so myself! But it's not always like that!! And wait till you see the "draft" that Coco did before the embroidery! 

Numbing cream on! 

One side drawn by coco and the other side is my natural brows...... O.M.G would you just look at it? Her skills makes me feel so amateur-ish and makes me feel like a joke....... LOL. This picture also stresses on my point of how important of a role eyebrow plays in your make up routine! Imagine me going out with my brows looking like that!! >.<

Close up!! It's perfect already! Look at the precision and strokes! This is drawn on by like a normal brow pencil....

Both sides drawn!

It's sooooo nice I want it on PERMANENTLY! 

Did I mention that Coco has almost 20 years of experience in brow embroidery industry and I knew I was in complete safe hands. I left everything for her to decide! The colour, the shape..... I'm quite an "anything" girl so I don't have much opinions on everything la. I just knew I wanted fuller brows and to never have to draw my brows again myself! LOL.

And we're done!! ...... Kidding............ I can't remember what's this! But I think it acts like a dye? Not too sure.... omg...

Anyways here's the final result!! LOOK AT IT!!

The whole process was totally painless. I know we all have different pain threshold but it is really very bearable. I could almost fall asleep! 

TADAHHHH~~~ Is it natural or what?! I'm so pleased with the results! 

This is just one of the best decision I've made in my life! 

Lucky for those who are born with full and defined brows. But for us, the not so lucky ones... eyebrow embroidery is really the way to go! It has saved me sooooo much time from my make up routine! 

Thank you so much to Coco and Browtisan team for making me 美美!!

Do call 62352355 to for more enquiries!

402 Orchard Road, Delhi Orchard
Singapore 238876