Hotel Re! @ Pearl's Hill

So last week.... I was invited to Hotel Re! for a 3D2N staycation for my 25th birthday! Can you imagine my excitement?!?

Best . Gift . Evarrrrrr

Hotel Re! is a modern retro themed boutique, situated at the base of Pearl's Hill, along Chin Swee Road. 

Hotel Re! encloses guests in a serene and and scenic environment whilst being just a stone’s throw away from attractions like Chinatown, Clarke Quay and the famous shopping district, Orchard Road.

The extremely pretty pink interior of Hotel Re! when we walked in! Wg was like... "WHY SO PINK?! " Hahaha. I'm not those pink crazy girls but all the vibrant colors really made me quite happy!

In their super cool lift! 

It didn't took long for us to get settled down in our first room of the night!

Business Room 

Some facts about this room...

You'd be able to enjoy 2 views in a room. The Garden View and City View. The Business Rooms is one of the higher category rooms and have recently added new enhancements like:

  • Aisin New Cheers Bidet Toilet Seats
  • Eltro Milano Bathline Amenities
  • Nespresso Coffee Machine with complimentary capsules & Twinings Tea
  • Bang & Olusen iPod Dock
  • Complimentary Pillow Selection: http://www.hotelre.com.sg/pillow-selection.html
  • Complimentary Mini Bar Snacks

And the first thing we did when we got there... Was to try out their Room service! I've always had this thing for room service's food. LOL. Even when I'm traveling for work! I'd be super excited to look through the room service menu and NEVER in my life, have a seen a menu as wide a variety as Hotel Re!'s.

I had the Baked Salmon Pasta and Lobster Bisque....

OMG... the lobster bisque was soooooooooo good! I wish I can have some now!! 

And Wg had Hokkien Mee! Look at those huge prawns!!! 

The next day, we switched to the Deluxe Room for another experience.

It is somewhat like the Business Room but it's a lot smaller! Still comfy nonetheless! In fact, Wg liked this room better! He says it's cozier! Haha.

Deluxe Room

The Deluxe Room overlook the peaceful city parks treating guest with idyllic views of nature in her green splendor. Featuring Sealy Posturepedic Double or Twin beds as well as plot Hotel pillows. It promising a relaxing stay for all their guest!

We stayed in the room the entire day until it was dinner time!

I was really surprised when Hotel Re! told me that they prepared a candlelight dinner for the boyf and me! Awwwwww!! 

So we both got dress and went down to Re!Fill. 

This is Re!Fill their restaurant in the day. And I really wasn't expecting much but a very simple dinner for the 2 of us. 

But look!!

Super touched when I saw what Hotel Re! did. They cordoned off one part of the restaurant just for us! :')

Hungry boy is a grumpy boy!

#Selfie while waiting for food~~~

First dish up!

Pan-seared duck breast mesclun salad!

Grilled chicken with Asparagus

Lobster Pasta. I couldn't believe the generosity of this dish. The lobster was HUGE. And I loved every bite of it! 


It was a SUPER fulfilling meal. Don't remember being THIS full and satisfied in a long time! For those who might not be staying over at Hotel Re! but are just around the vicinity, you guys might want to try out the food at Re!Fill. For couples, this candlelight dinner is called "Key to Your Heart" and it is specially prepared by Chef William Ang! 

Happy us with happy tummys! 

Back to lying in bed right after dinner! I'm such a pig really! But Hotel Re's mattress is mad comfortable. I remember us first lying down and we both look at each other and went.... "Mmmm go home change mattress" Hahahahah!

Rented Dvds!

Hotel Re! offers complimentary DVD rental with DVD player in all their rooms! 

Wish I never have to leave~~

But all good things must come to an end...

Here's a super tired me bidding farewell!

Thank you so much for the hospitality Hotel Re! My boyfriend and I had such a wonderful time there! 

I do promise I'll be back soon! 

Do check out Hotel Re! 's website for more information. They offer space for weddings, business meetings etc! 

For event booking or enquiries, feel free to contact their Events Team. Call (65) 6827 8282 or SMS (65) 9111 7137

Hotel Re! @ Pearl's Hill

175A Chin Swee Road, Singapore 169879

Getting There: Buses at Chin Swee Road: 174, 174EBuses at Outram Park MRT: 33, 63, 75, 174, 851, 970, 174ENearest MRT Station: Outram Park Mrt Station (EW 16)Exit B. Walking signs along the route

Phone: +65 68278288
Fax: +65 68278289