How do you like my new elepants galore background?!? Huh huh huh?! Soooooo cute right? Daryl did it for me! Now I can see elephants everytime I come to my blog! Ahhhhhhhhh cannot take it! Soooo cute I'm gonna die!!

K anyway.................

Been waiting for this set of photos from Joyce B the longest time! Hehe! I love them! It's for Tinsel Rack's Vday Collection! But I just met her awhile ago and she said she probably can't make it in time for Vday! Nevertheless... still pretty dresses! You girls can get them when she launches the collection!

Hehe! We went to Marina Barrage for the shoot! I never knew such a place existed in Singapore lor. Noob kia.

The incredibly cute but inedible food in the bento box that Joleen made! Hahahaha. Starving from hunger already lor. But only can look cannot eat. Yawns.


GAY. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Awww! I love the pictures la! And I love the dresses! Super nice and comfy! There are 4 colours but I still am undecided! So preeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Oh, and thank you Daryl bbcakes! For spending the whole day with me doing this shoot under the hot sun! Poor thing! All sun burnt!

But it was all worth it huh? The photos turn out good!

Happy V Day in advance everyone! Love is in the air~~