So for the longest time, I wanted to go blonde. Ok, not really blonde-blonde but just do a major color change to my hair... 

The annoying part about my hair or probably Asian hair is that no matter what colour you dye, it will eventually turn orange, which sucks. And orange is a really ugly colour by the way. 

And everytime I dye my hair at the salon, I pay around 200 over bucks for brown hair (for a few days/weeks) and then it turns into freaking ORANGE. 

I hate it! Fucking look like orang utan sia.

So most of the time, I dye it black. Black hair is still my favourite cause it makes me look fairer but... I get really bored. 

Like right now. I think it's a phase. Everytime I dye some horrid colour I will tell myself "DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN! JUST STICK TO BLACK" It's like the long hair thing. Everytime it grows to a certain length, I'd cut it and start regretting for like 10 years.

I damn asking for it. 

So this time... I'm gonna bleach my own hair. Colour not decided yet.

While skyping with Daryl....

He was like... "are you sure you wanna go blonde? Don't think it looks nice on you...." And so he shared his screen with me...

I really don't know why he picked this picture out of SOOOOOOO many pictures. Major act cute sia my face -.-

Ok..... Anyways.... help me decideeeeeeee??

Still think black's the nicest! LOL.

And I'm suppose to keep the colour on me for... um... more than 2 months?

If I go back to black before 2 months. You get a free slap! Like slap me la! Not free slap you. Seriously... you can formspring me like "Eh dx! You dyed your hair black right? Wanna meet not? I feel like slapping you."

Then  I'd be like "Ok! Where? I go and meet you now!"


Ok, random post.

Tired already! Gonna go sleep!

Good night! X