Thriller!!! Pretty boring night cause it was so damn crowded!! But the last part was good huh pumpkins? Not inside but outside when we were singing our pledge and all the nonsense. Hehe. ZOUK FTW!!!

Cutest Pumpkin Pies on Earth!!! OMG!!!! So irresistibly cute you just wanna keep both of them in your pocket. 

All good things...

Today... I went for my driving lessons! OMGOMGOMGABCDEFG! I can drive and turn and go round and round and round already and and and I'm so proud of myself! Once I get my license I'm going to..... MWAHAHAHAHA! 

And on Wednesday, our contractor is coming to renovate the 2nd level! The colors! You'll be amazed!! Sooo excitedzzz!

ALSO! I'll be going to somewhere with Jacky eh... on the 15th? Can't wait! And I should have told you earlier tamtambaby so we can all like meet there! Awww :(

But you see.. life ain't or can't be perfect. People should really shut their fucking mouths and stop gossiping. For those who have been spreading rumors about D and me. Fuck you. Friends cannot go dinner together? Cannot hang out at winebar together? Cannot take care of each other when they are drunk? Fuck you! FUCK YOU! Hear that? Sibei bo liao times 100000000000! If I know who you(s) are I'll gouge your eyeballs out and play ping pong with it! ARGGHHHH!!! Are you guys oblivious or ignorant about my relationship with Jacky Chia? I just wanna throw tampons at all you motherfuckers. (Imagine you're walking and people start throwing used tampons at you hahahahahahaha the horror!)

I'm going to read some inspirational book that's titled "It's not how good you are, It's how good you want to be"? (wtf haha) that Jacky gave me and go to sleep.

*You might think that I'm affected, hell yes I am because of people who are so immature. I told Jacky about this and he's like.. eh why you affected? Like childish right if you go blog about it and I'm like... if I'm childish then they are toddlerish lor. Oh well.... life's like that. All the happy things come to you, some bad things sure gonna happen so....... what you can do is, to sleep all of that away! Hehe. Nothing can stop me from sleeping! 

Love you pumpkins!