All I'll ever need in life.......

Girl thinks my room is a shopping mall. Walked out with a bag full of clothes with at least 20 dresses inside.

I love you Wanny Chan. 10 years and strong. xx


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nope, not working those falsies pea.


Yummiest Soba everrrrr~~~~

Long lost friend.

Bro of my life. 184 1314. 

 Sluts and proud. SO SO SO?!? Suck your thumb.

It doesn't get uglier than this. I promise.

Prettiest boy on Earth. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TJ SIE. YOU SLUTBAG. Love overload!


Welcome back Bao.



#3 Asian Mr Bean

#4 Apparently very pleased with don't know what. Nirvana face. 

And I wonder what's with the hand on the face when I say "come give me a satisfied with life face" Is that a universal thing? To place your hand on your face when you're very happy? 


HAHAHAHAH! Possessed. Not cool man. Not. Cool.

Thank god for most awesome friends on Earth. Where got everyday force people go out one? Force as in book movie tickets for you beforehand kind of force. Plus imagine you're the only who's not attached and you got to hang out with couples everyday. How do you spell fuck my life again? Living torture please.


TJ you're so gonna replace Hwee on my TOP 10 friends. That bitch. (Are you reading SH??) Hahahaha. I love you and Yow so much. I know I'm a ghost but I'm gonna be like Shutter that girl ya'know? I'm gonna cling onto you both for life. 

Don't fret.

Because please know that I'll MIA from all of you once I have a boyfriend cause I'm bad friend like that. Hahaha. What?! Boys over friends. DUH? It's understandable. So please cherish me while I'm around, thanks! For now, all of you are just gonna be my bitches and slaves.

Too bad pussycats.

I'm such a rhymer. Hahahaha.

Yow is a natural. And TJ is just.... mental.


In case you're wondering, Daryl is not Dao Ming Si. He is Mei Zuo. Got SWAG.

God, I love laughing myself to sleep.

Here's another one,