I........... LOVE........... BANGKOK............

Gonna bring ya'll on a journey around since you guys are always asking about BKK.

This was where I stayed this time round. Usually, we would stay at Grand Diamond cause it is very convenient as Platinum Shopping Mall is just beside. Pretty pricey but worth it! Shop, go back hotel pee, shop, go back hotel sleep......

Wanted a change of environment so started searching for other hotels and that's when we came across BUDACCO. It's one of the nicest hotels I've stayed in before and it's really really cosy. More like my room to me than a hotel plus it's really affordable. Paid around 3000 baht for 2 nights? Which is like $150? Mad cheap? That's like a night in Grand Diamond. It's just somewhere around Baiyoke Hotel which is like a 10 minutes walk away from Platinum. Too bad I don't like walking, if not this is gonna be my permanent hotel every single time I go Bangkok.

Only bad thing is that it's located at this very dodgy alley which can be pretty dangerous at night. Have someone accompany you at night in Bangkok.

Don't know why every time people want to take pictures of me when I'm doing my make up....

Soooo nice right?!?!?!?!

Headed over to Chatuchak after checking in at the hotel cause we went on a Sunday and Chatuchak is a weekend market, which means it's only open on Saturday and Sundays. Shoppers should go on a Sunday after 12pm cause that's when everything is on sale. From Saturday all the way to Sunday morning, an item could cost like 250 baht? But after 12pm, you can get it at like 150 baht? Yup, so you save a lot.

Chatuchak pretty HUGE... and it's normal if you can't find the clothes section at first and lose you way. Just ask around, the Thais are really friendly people and are more than willing to help!

Awww.... If I stay in BKK, I will buy a million puppies and kitties....

Awesome Mango smoothie....

Me and my fishball face. WHY IS IT SO ROUND!!!!!!!

Can go to Suan Lum at night to shop too... Heard the whole place is closing down but NOT YET.... so go take a look before it closes!

AND THIS! My favourite! I remembered when Tam's and I were outside, we have to take like 10 deep breaths first... and go like "ARE YOU READY!" then we chiong... Hahahahha!

Personally, I feel that it's not such a nice place to shop at anymore cause everything looks boring to me this time round. Stupid korea and it's fashion taking over the world. I love the korean's fashion la.. but like what's up with the "oh it's from KOREA so it's 1500 baht!" Whatever ok? Not like I can't afford it but some things just don't look like they cost 1500 baht to me ok?! Same thing when I go to China, "this is from Korea" Yea yea yea SO WHAT?! If you tell me, this is from CHINA maybe I will still consider buying it lor. I come to shop in your country not Korea?! If I wanted things from Korea I would just go there?! HELLO???

Mmmmmmmmm..... MUST TRY!

Located at Platinum level 6! First stall! FUCKING DOPE!

Or you can try Fuji! A Japanese restaurant which can also be found at level 6! Think they have like branches all over Thailand? I ate this the last time I went to Phuket too!

Ddddddddd..... Stupid lame boy brought his DSLR with a ultra ZOOM lens, cannot even take pictures together?! Hahahaha!

NAH Hoot hoot for you Da Mi Tay! Bought rings for my babies....!!

So other than all the places that I took pictures of, there's also Siam Square which is good for shopping. Expensive BUT think worth it. Really really nice things you can find there.

I would recommend you guys to NOT buy anything first if you head to places other than Platinum cause most things can be found at Platinum. Just look and recce around first.

Like for example, I saw this floral jumper at Siam Square which looks fucking nice and I bought it at 400 baht and then the next day I went to Platinum , it was selling at so much cheaper and it look like shit hanging in this ugly shop. FML ok! I don't know why I always kena this kind of things. Almost twice. Saw something at Suam Lum too but I resisted buying and then I saw it at Platinum, AGAIN! Think presentation damn important, at Siam Square it looks like it costed 700 baht which was why I just bought it without thinking, but at Platinum.... zzzZZzzzZzzzz But I still love it la! The floral prints sooo nice! So....... I brought it in for Pirategypsies next collection! Was comtemplating whether should I cause don't want people to be wearing the same things BUT it can be found at Platinum so.... a million people could be wearing the same things. Haha.

I'm not some pro Bangkok-er uh. Just sharing..... the next time I will go TO THE CLUBS! I'm always too exhausted from all the shopping to go! And I heard that it's DAMN FREAKING AWESOME! All the thai girls and boys... *swoons* The last time I think Tams, Don and I just stood outside and people watch.

NEXT TRIP it will just be to fly over, spam the clubs there and take a flight back. Anyone?! Let's just go for a night! I KNOW YOU WANT LOR DONNA GOH!

Till then~~~~~~~~



October is a broke month for me. Most of my best friends' birthday falls on this month. All the librans..... Ohwellz! Can't wait for USS tomorrow with them!

*prances around room and hops onto bed*