Harlowwww everybodyyyyy!!!

Was supposed to be doing a shoot for Pirategypsies....... but got carried away... Hahahahahah!! K, not really, just thought I looked really ugly in the pictures and it makes me depressed and when I'm depress, I know nothing good will come out from the shoot and it won't do justice to all the pretty clothes. So... shall do it another day!


Hahahahahahahahahhahahah Daryl and I are retards for life! (click to enlarge pics for maximum effect) Hahahahahahhahaha!!

Some breakdancers... Hahahahha

Epic! Like kena hanged....

Wanted to blog about Tam's birthday too but both Tams and Don blogged about it already so.... forget it! Haha! It was a great day though!

Anyway... People should stop asking who I'm dating la, who I'm with la. It is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! So what if you know who I'm with? Does it makes you a better person? No right?! Then ask for fuck?! My life is drama as it is already okay! I fucking cannot help it. Sometimes I wish I could just turn back the hands of time, to the days where I was so happily in love. But no... it will not happen anymore.

Right now, I just wanna make the best out of life , and sometimes it seems like I'm getting it but then again certain people won't allow me to and I don't blame anyone but myself. I caused everything and yes, I know I deserve all the bad things in life now. I don't think I need to explain to anyone, because I seriously don't give 2 fucks about what people think or say of me.

I'm just living my life. So everyone of you should too..

Yawns................ Time to sleep! Good night to all of you! LOVEEEEEEEEEEE