You know, I never really did a proper post for Little Red Heels because they never requested me to, and I'm always too lazy to. But today, I am going to. Because I love them and I thank them and I really appreciate all the opportunities they have given me.

I first started modelling for them like a year back? When I was still nuts and clueless about modelling for blogshops. I remembered the first time that I modelled for them, I was so gan chiong I tripped over the wires and broke their lights HAHAHAHHAHAHA! And they never even asked me to pay even when I insisted. Instead, they transferred me my pay! WTF right?!

They are like the nicest people everrrrrr. Photoshoots with them are always full of joy and laughters. They even give me angbaos on CNY! 

Hehe. We went to Seletar camp last Saturday for an outdoor shoot!

Skinny my ass! Take back your comments you readers! Hahaha!

The 2 crazy couples...

HAHAHAHA! Yup! We usually change inside this flimsy portable changing room during outdoor shoot.

Cutie pie Linda!

See, got breakfast somemore!

Nom nom nom.. wah lao my this hair if I don't style it is like super flat and retarded.

Colin aka Personal Assistant like Tissue and reflector boy, also boyfriend of....


Jackson aka photographer! Most retarded person on Earth! I fucking swear! Hahahahahah!! Also, boyfriend of...

Zi yu! 

It was super hot that day and there were so many mozzies! I scratched my legs until it bled. Hahahaha!


I love love love them super duper alot! I want to model for them until my boobs sag. Hahahahaha!