Perfect sunday with the girls... talking, swimming and running in the rain! 

This girl ah, her room is like a hugeeeeeeee mess. It's like my room? But 20 times messier. Don't even know how she find her clothes -_- Gotta help pack a little..

Freda! X

Little bunny! So cute so cute so cute! 

Am wishing every Sunday could be like that. Spending time with my family, or babies. How nice would it be if I had a damn car. I would drive to the beach every Sunday. Sit there and enjoy the gentle sea breeze... wah..... shiok! Damn it, I should go get my license soon (been like a year since I went for my practical lessons -_-) then can drive my dad/mum's car!  I would pick everyone up every Sunday and go to the beach! ^^

Anyway, I don't know what's wrong with me these days, being very emotional and all. But I'm much better already and thank you ALL for all the lovely comments and texts from everyone. I love you all! XXX