Sorry for the lack of updates!!

Work = exhausted = never go out = no pictures = no updates

Major NO life.

But but but but I went to Zouk yesterday! Not like going Zouk means I've got life.. but cause I get to see my babygirls!

Always happy when I get to see them. Yup, Mars is no longer a part of us. Hahahahahaha!! Faster come back and stop hanging out with Jesus. It's been like a month! I'll be your EL HOMBRE MARISEEEEEEEEEEE!

Don't know what the fuck she's doing! HAHAHAH!! Drinking through her nose HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHH!! WTF?!?!

This is Sammie Samantha! X.

Wah lao.. ytd I was damn paranoid. Kept thinking I was gonna die of OD. Cause I took like 3 panadols before going (cramps) and Donna made me drank the stupid Ex Ti TI hahahaha. Heng I still alive!

AWWWWWWWWW!!!!! I'm so happy for Tams cause Cassidy makes her happy. And I want my babygirls to be happy all the time.

Love my babygirls! 

I. Am. Going. Back. To. Work................................................ 

Miss my mummy so much! And my uncle and everyone! No time to even go visit them now cause I'm working even on SUNDAYS!!!

But I'm happy cause I'm gonna have a big fat cheque by the end of March! Woohoo!!

Bye bye! XX.