NAMASTE EVERYONE! I'm backkkkkkk!!!! 

Went to Alvin's birthday party yesterday before Zouk to catch up with my secondary school friends! I guess I had fun although the party was sucky (sorry Alvin haha) cause I love my friends and most of them were there! I really really love them alot! Sigh.. wish I can turn back the hands of time.... wanna go back to school and seeing them everyday! Life was so carefree back then....

My girls!! Though Eunice is missing and Juvey only came when I left.. :(

This is Juvena! Look at her tattoos... HAHAHA! Soon.. you won't even see her face. She'll probably tattoo Audrey Hepburn's face over it or something.. Haha.

And here's what Alvin keeps in his room! We were like.. WTF is Skippy's doing in your bedroom?

Then... we found this ON HIS BED!! Imagine the moment he open his eyes in the morning and he starts stuffing cereal into his mouth! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Fucking glutton..

Here's the boy in question.. I know right.. his size explains all the food in his room..

Hehe! Us again! I love you girls! And you're not forgotten Eunice and Juvena!! I love love love love love you girls! And I love all my boy pals! I wanna be best friends with all of you till I die!

I'll blog about Nepal tomorrow! Good night everyone! Sweet dreams!! X