Hi everyone! I'm a nepalese now... Hahaha. I bought a kurtha and I have a tika on my forehead hahahaha! So fun! I'm gonna dress like that in Singapore. I'm gonna be an indian/nepalese! 

Oh! Happy New Year pumpkins! I know I'm late but... hope everyone is doing well in Singapore! And I wish that 2010 will be a good year for everyone! I'll be back very soon!! Hehe.

P/s: Haloscan is currently being like upgraded or something and I'm experiencing some problems. It says that my blog don't have any haloscan related code or something so I can't upgrade it. Tried to email them since a week ago but have yet to get a reply till now! Grrrr annoying much!! I don't think you guys can comment for the time being? Oh well.. don't know what to do also.... :(

Have a great weekend! X.



OMG YAY!! Can comment already! Haloscan replied me and solved my problem!! Hehe!! ^^