Hi everyone!!

Some random pictures!! Was playing with Lumix! Like my everyday toy now please! ORSOMEST compact camera in the world! 

Peh peh peh my face!

After Tamtam's fashion show yesterday!! Hahaha! You owe me a BIG one Tammy Tay!! Go there see see support her suddenly become one of the models cause one of them backed out at the last minute -_- Holy cow!! I look so retarded. Ugliest models of all time... Sigh......

Removing my super hardcore makeup halfway when my brother called. See the difference please? Now guys, don't be deceived by girls with make up anymore! Haha.

I.. AM... GOING.. TO........... NEPAL TOMORROW!! I know right!? Don't ask me why or where is that or whatever. Hahahaha! Excited!! 

Can't believe I've not even started packing! Okay!! BYE BYE PUMPKINS! Enjoy X'mas and New Year in lovely Singapore! X.