Why Twiggz?
Twiggy Lawson! Here's some pictures of her. Isn't she pretty?!

What is your height and weight?
158cm. My weight fluctuates between 40kg - 45kg. Right now, I'm at my lowest.

How old are you?
1989 do your math.

What facial products are you using?
I don't use any. If you're asking about cleanser, then mine's from Laniege.

What makeup products are you using? Any to recommend?
I don't stick to any products but here's what is in my make up pouch now..

Tinted mostuirizer : Laura Mercier
Primer : Laura Mercier
Foundation : Chanel
Concealer : MAC
Mascara : MAC / Maybelline
Brows : Bobbi Brown Brow Shaper in Mahogany
Eyeliner : Maybelline
Blusher : Benefit in Coralista
Lipstick : All my lipsticks are from MAC.

Please do not ask me what shade I use for my foundation because I think it will be more appropriate to get a sales rep to recommend what suits your skin tone best.

What camera are you using. And what mode do you usually use?
G12. Either P or Auto mode. I usually take my pictures with flash. I like my pictures overexposed. Hehe.

Who made your awesome blogskin?