But then again, kind of? For a.. um.. friend? Haha. 

So for the longest time, I've been wanting to do something. It is on the very top of my to-do list. 


Honestly. I wanted to do Yoga ever since I was 15? I have absolutely no clue why or how I even knew about yoga back then but when I actually did, I just felt compelled to do it. Like it was in me..... The whole yoga thing is so cool? Everytime I think of yoga I think of levitating in the air while in a lotus seat position. Hahahahaha. 

Unfortunately for me.. none of my friends ever wanted to. Plus the fact that I'm such a bum. Even taking my driving license. All I do is to procrastinate.

That's not the point. 

The point is, a few months ago, I was talking to my best friend Yaxin about wanting to do Yoga and she agreed to learning it with me. I was soooooo happy. Like GOD? FINALLY SOMEONE! But where?! 

And so I tweeted about it and people were telling me about a lot of random places, a couple said pure yoga and I was pretty confused about all the different choices. UNTIL I realised a friend was working at True Yoga. 

Ahhhhhh~~~~~~~~ I can literally see a halo above this logo and angels flying around it. 

When I first went to  True Yoga at Pacific Plaza to know more about it, I was like shocked. The whole place was soooo posh. It literally looked like a major huge beauty spa. Seriously. The lounge.. I wish I can take a picture of myself doing a thumbs up sign and winking. Haha. There were so many people sitting there.. either waiting for the next class, or you know.. just chilling out. 

If it was me, I would wear some tight fitting attire and sit there and pose for 3 hours everyday after my class. Who knows.. a hot instructor also in tight fit yoga suit might pick me up. And we can yoga for life. Hahahahahha! 

And the awesomeness doesn't stop. Well as the name suggest.... TRUE YOGA, I I thought I could only learn Yoga there.. I WAS WRONG. You can learn pilates, bollywood dancing, belly dancing and a whole lot of other different dance or exercises. Super worth it. So if you have friends like me that goes.. "Huh.. why Yoga? I'm learning Pilates leh" when you ask them to learn yoga with you. You can now go.. "Well, I'm learning yoga AND pilates at TRUE YOGA, bet your school only offers Pilates LOSER" Hahahahahahhahahahah!! 

(Omg seriously, I don't know why I'm so enthu) 

Ahem... Like that Tammy ah.. ask her go Yoga with me she say she only want to go for bollywood dancing. Like she wanna pay for the same thing as me BUT only go for bollywood dance classes. Errrr...... really want to roll my eyes at her. She learn bollywood dancing for what ah? Excuse me? Dance for her boyfriend? Hahahaha.

Ok... it's just damn awesome la! CAN ALL OF YOU GO LEARN YOGA NOW?!?! I'm thinking of starting next month when my fat best friend is ready. 

I know I sound super un-serious in this post but Yoga is really something that benefits you. As quoted from Wikipedia "Yoga is the sum total of all activities - mental, verbal and physical"
Girls can have bigger boobs while doing certain yoga position, can live longer, etc etc.... 

Yoga is the new IT now ok! Don't be jealous when I become a yoga master. I'll levitate and hover above all of you laughing out loud at all you minions. Hahahahahahahaha. 

Ok la ok la. Now all of you can contact Clement at 91110542 for some special promotions and free trial classes. Only call Clement ah. Don't call True Yoga and randomly ask about Yoga. CALL CLEMENT! Hahahaha. 

Hard sell max.



I'm gonna sleep now! Good night and oh MERRY CHRISTMAS!! <3