Don't ask me about HK because I only spent 1 and a half day there and the rest in China (BEST COUNTRY EVERRRR!) Yes la yes la I am from China, I go back to my hometown to visit my buffalos HAHAHAHA.

Never take much pictures cause it was more like a business trip! Excited for the plans coming up.............................

Pictures soon ok! I promise!

P/s: Calling out to POH YAXIN MY BFFFFFFFF FOR LIFE! YOU SHALL GO CHINA WITH ME SOON! Need to reminisce the good ol' days and going there with you double the goodness! I know la, I still owe you $300! Pay for your ticket lor... Haha. I am telling the whole world now so you don't have to be afraid I won't return you ok?! Hahahahahah!! You still owe me 1 Chanel bag anyway. I really really need to go there with you leh, so awesome! makes me miss Wuhan so much! Faster faster call me! I LOVE YOU!!


Level 2 for Rent!