We've already rented out SUP's 2nd level and so SUP Women's will be at the 1st level together with the Men's! YAY!! 

Anyway... am working at theblogshop now! Hahahaha. I AM NOT A TRAITOR HOH!! I know people are gonna say I betray my own brand and go help out at some other shops BUT.... from my point of view, SUP can't possibly support Jacky, Aaron, Merlyn, Gabriel and ME, at least not now, I mean it's possible, but not COMFORTABLY y' know. I know what you guys are gonna say.. then why hire so many part timers? Because.... the pay of Gab and Merlyn's combined together is not even enough for me so might as well I go look for another job and let them continue having their part time job? Hiya very complicated don't ask too may questions! (Jacky also looking for job? Anyone? Hahahaha)

Well, so starting from me, I'm gonna have another job for extra income! I've already stop taking allowance from my parents for quite some time and I think IT IS TIME to give them allowance plus give my uncle give my ah ma give my brother HAHAHAHAHA!!! I will try to! 

So happens I was randomly talking to Clarence (owner of blogshop) about this the other day...

Me: Hiya.. need to look for a job
C: Huh? Really for what...?
Me: Yadda yadda...
C: Really?! (Calls Jacqueline) Ok, you come work for us!

I guess that explains all? Hahahahah!! So now.. I'm pretty happy because I'm working right opposite my store with a good pay ^^ AND can continue doing what I like and still have my friends around me. Killing four five birds with one stone lor! 

I AM NOT A TRAITOR HOH @supclothing!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I'm doing all this with the risk of being labelled as A TRAITOR FOR OUR SHOP! Someone should give me a nobel award please.

Must come come come visit me ok?! Seriously.. I think I'm buying something home everyday from here.. The pros and cons of working at theblogshop! Probably spend more than what I earn.. 


Random day out with lovergirl!

Yes yes we were taking pictures in the toilet SHUT UP!! Who ask Marisse to poopooting for so long! Ooops hahaha! k la k la.. I was the one. 

Have no idea why I'm so hyper right now? Must be the coffee I drank... and my english damn FAIL.. whatever la...