HELLO EVERYONE!! Hehe Random picture....

Anyway.. point of this post is GOOD NEWS for all you girls out there who needs a job cause..... our friends in Haji, THE BLOGSHOP is hiring!! It's just opposite Sup and I swear to god they'd be the best bosses you guys could ever have (that's if you manage to get the job haha)! Such nice people and we love them!! And working environment is awesome cause you know.. good neighbors (AHEM) and you can shop all day long cause it's the BLOGSHOP? DUH! Not just one shop but many many shops! Haha.

So requirements are:

-18 years and above
-Able to work LONG TERM

Yup yup! If you're interested, please look for Samantha! There's a walk-in interview on Monday!! Good luck!! 

P/s: Sam ask me to remove her number cause of overwhelming responses! Hahah!! Good luck girls!!