Thank you. For bringing out the best in me. You girls might not be perfect in every way but rest assure that all of you are perfect in my heart. It's so good to have you babies around. And no matter what happens in the future. I got your back(s). I promise. 

Okay.. This is damn randon but I can't help it.. It's so retarded!! (click to enlarge)


I'm very sad today, my maid, more like a sister who had been working for my family for 10 years is going back today. She's so dear to us. She's the only one who'll punch and whack my siblings when they are not behaving. Even my parents don't do that. Hahaha. She's been saving so much she bought a house in Bali! YAY!! Can hold house party there next time liao!! ^^ I love you Dami 姐姐. I'll earn lots of money and fly you back soon for a holiday okay! <3

Okay.. back to work! Love you pumpkins.